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Deirdre Larkin

Deirdre LarkinDeirdre Larkin is the Associate Managing Horticulturist at The Cloisters Museum and Gardens, and is responsible for researching and interpreting the gardens as well as developing, designing, and maintaining them. She has overseen the gardens since 2007, returning to The Cloisters after nearly seven years as an independent horticultural consultant. She had previously held the post of Assistant Manager/Horticulturist at the Museum and was initially employed at The Cloisters as a garden lecturer in 1991.
Deirdre holds a Master’s Degree in the History of Religions from Princeton University, where she studied the religious and social history of late antiquity and the Middle Ages. She received her horticultural training at the New York Botanical Garden.

She is the principal contributor to a weekly blog on medieval plants and the gardens of The Cloisters called The Medieval Garden Enclosed.