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The Power of Conscience: The Danish Resistance and Rescue of the Jews

THE POWER OF CONSCIENCE: The Danish Resistance and Rescue of the Jews tells the remarkable and inspiring story of how Nazi-occupied Denmark earned a unique place in history by rescuing its Jewish population not once, but twice.


The first time was in October 1943 when Hitler ordered the deportation of the Danish Jews and the entire nation rose up spontaneously to smuggle 95% of their Jewish countrymen across the water to neutral Sweden. Eighteen months later, the Danish Red Cross initiated the convoy of White Buses that drove through heavily bombed Germany to free Danish resisters, policemen and those imprisoned in concentration camps.

The film also explores how the rivalry between the Nazi commanders in Denmark - Dr. Werner Best, the Reich’s High Commissioner and the military leader, General Hermann von Hanneken - led both to the persecution and the rescue of the Danish Jews.

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