Scandalize My Name: Stories from the Blacklist


“SCANDALIZE MY NAME provides a searing examination of how “Red Scare” politics were used to hinder America’s civil rights movement. This powerful film documents the first-hand experiences of African-American performers faced with blacklists, loyalty oaths and other discrimination. It explores the impact these tactics had on the performers’ careers and on civil rights as a whole. Paul Robeson, Jackie Robinson, Harry Belafonte, Ossie Davis, and Canada Lee are among the notable personalities featured.”

– Scott Albright, All Movie Guide


Harry Belafonte
Ossie Davis
Morgan Freeman
Erik Barnouw


France, Monaco, Andorra, Australia, Korea and Ireland

Official Selection

Human Rights Watch Film Festival
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
Words on Fire; Boston Jewish Film Festival
Pan-African Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA
Festival of Truth, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil